A New Hope Home Care is a locally owned and operated home care company based in Asheville, NC. We provide quality in-home adult and pediatric personal care and skilled nursing services with the utmost integrity. Our care philosophy is to treat your loved one as if they were one of our family. Our mission is to help our client’s live life to the fullest regardless of any limitations they may have.



Our top priority is providing care with clinical expertise and building relationships with our clients. Additionally, we take the care a step further by helping to bridge the gap between additional community resources and the families we care for.


If you are interested in building trusting relationships and making a difference in the lives of adults or children, then this is an opportunity to consider.


Please visit this page frequently as we will update with important information, as needed, including quarterly newsletters and policy changes.

"I am writing this letter to your attention about one of your nurses that does my home health care and I don't know where I would be without her. Leslie has been my care taker since november of last year and through this time she has been very understanding of my needs even before I need them she takes care of items checked on your company's sheet eveytime she is here which is three times a week assuring that every item checked has been addressed. When I was able to walk longer distances she would put on her coat and gloves and walked next to me each and every time. Leslie is the most caring and thoughtful person and is a great asset to your company. She not only has a large family she has to take care of but she also takes care of her second family like they were her own and I am sure every patient she has would attest to this. We have a schedule that we are to follow but with the numerous visits I have to take to the VA for all of my medical problems and some times her other patients have to change there schedule she remains flexible and we work our times out together so you are assured we do the three visits each week maybe not on schedule but we do manage to accomplish them. One of the best things she does for me is on our occasional trips to the grocery store where she not only helps me fill my basket with groceries she makes sure the groceries we are getting are healthy and what I should be eating so she has taught me allot about food and nutrition. If there is anyone in this world that needs to be cloned it is Leslie, can you imagine a full crew of nurses like her you wouldn't have nothing to do. So in closing again I would like to thank you for pairing us up and I hope something special can be done by your organization to recognize your outstanding nurses in your company she really deserves lots of praise." - from a client